Human-centered computing stands out for diversity at Clemson

Of 56 tenure-track black professors in the field nationwide, six of them are here

Aug. 27, 2012 

By Anna Bard Brutzman

CLEMSON - In his three years at Clemson University, Juan Gilbert has made a measurable difference to his department — in more ways than one.

He and his colleagues in the Human-Centered Computing Division have more than doubled the amount of research funding that the School of Computing has received.

But Gilbert has also led recruiting of black tenure-track professors on the campus — bringing five men and women from institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Michigan and Notre Dame. ...


Anderson downtown neighborhoods a 'food desert'

Deficits in access to fresh, nutritious food have a measurable impact on public health

By Anna Bard Brutzman

Sept. 29, 2012

ANDERSON, S.C. - The Big Daddy convenience store at Glenn and Evergreen streets carries most of the basics.

The roughly 20-by-20-foot space stocks cereal, a few loaves of bread, milk, canned soup and fresh meat. There's no room, let alone enough demand, for fruits and vegetables among the aisles of candy, toiletries and motor oil.

This store is on Anderson's west side, squarely within an area around downtown that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated a "food desert." The agency has analyzed low-income census tracts around the country to identify urban areas that lack a full-service grocery store within a mile and rural areas without one within 10 miles. ...


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